5 de marzo de 2011

Parks of Study and Reflection - The Book

A selection of pictures from the book: Parks of Study and Reflection coordinated by Tomás Hirsch, with text by Eduardo Gozalo, design by Rafael Edwards begin_of_the_skype_highlighting end_of_the_skype_highlighting.

The Parks of Study and Reflection are gateways to the mental world of the Profound. The Parks are places for meeting and for the spreading of a new spirituality that rejects all forms of violence and discrimination; a spirituality that appeals to that sacred dimension of the human mind to find freedom and meaning.

Since ancient times we human beings ask ourselves where we've come from and where we are going, and we experience the search for meaning, while also feeling the need to overcome pain and suffering.

Today there are already 23 Parks of Study and Reflection in different countries, that host numerous groups that go there to study, to be inspired, to reflect and meditate in silence, but also to celebrate the arrival of a new year, to ask for the well-being of those who suffer, or to spread the ashes of a loved one.

Here we tell the story of the Parks of Study and Reflection, but above all the story of the people who go there for inspiration ---- to find that light whisper, the fleeting brush with the Profound -- and later return to their towns with their forehead and hands luminous.

Santiago, Chile April 2010

To order the book, please contact one of the Parks, listed at the end of the video.

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