22 de octubre de 2009

the Human Being - even unto infinity... personal page of a humanist in Hong Kong

Mobius strip - symbolising Man - the Infinite...

member of the Humanist Association of Hong Kong

The main ideas of Universalist Humanism

1. placement of the human being as central value;

2. affirmation of the equality of all human beings;

3. acknowledgment of personal and cultural diversity;

4. tendency to the development of knowledge beyond that accepted as absolute truth;

5. affirmation of the freedom of ideas and beliefs;

6. rejection of violence.

human rights, social justice, non-discrimination, non-violence, co-operative systems, freedom of choice, freedom of belief, social activism.

World March for Peace and Non Violence

World March in Hong Kong

Humanist Association of Hong Kong - Elections to Executive Committee

Chairman, Vice-Chairman, Financial Secretary, Secretary General; Assistant Secretary plus Department Heads according to interests, for example: Refugees & Migrant Workers, the Environment, Culture, Asia-Oceania Affairs, Press & Public Relations, etc - your choice.

All positions open.

Please inform this office before 8 October, 2009 of your intent to stand for an office. Voting in person by all interested persons 20 October, 2009, Open Air Café, rooftop, the Fringe, Central, Hong Kong. The list of candidates available at the table. In the new moment of our Association we would like to see a friendly informality that nurtures active participation in the affairs of Hong Kong.

Aim: "Humanize Hong Kong"

Disarmament Now

Video spot of Silo's Dismantle the Arsenals - download and view

personal transformation

Universal Human Nation

The Humanist Document

Spokesman for new universal humanism in Hong Kong
Tony Henderson - a Humanist in Hong Kong

Chairman: Humanist Association of Hong Kong

Welcome to JOIN - contact details below

Humanize Bangladesh

Joint Projects with...

Pressenza News

Fieldwork (HK)


humanist newsletters archives
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Confluence of Cultures


Globalization - new humanist view

Asia-Pacific Humanist Forum

the Hong Kong node of the Asia-Pacific Humanist Forum

Lantau Forum

for books on the New Universal Humanism

Centre of Studies

questions? email to: tonyhen@humanist.org.hk

Sneaker-mail: G/F, 49 Kau Tsuen, Mui Wo, Lantau Island, Hong Kong.
Tel: 29840094

Tropical Gardening

also, Tony Henderson as writer, author of:

Humanize Hong Kong

Even 10 years on, still many valid options, showing how the new humanism works to carry out the task

Published by: Humanist Association of Hong Kong, 1993
ISBN 962-7873-01-2

Softback, 320 pages

Tony Henderson's fiction:

Collisions in the New Edo

a novel, the adventures of Chuddy in Tokyo town

Published by Omega Press, 1994
ISBN 962-7919-01-2 softback 214 pages

The Answer is a Circle

by Tony Henderson

Asian travels, 120 pages, Omega Press, ISBN: 962-7919-02-0, US$6 for hard copy download using save as plain text

Yamabushi - the Third Force

by Tony Henderson

The esoteric way of spiritual development and the mountain recluse,
Internet version 206 pages, Omega Press,
ISBN: 962-7919-03-9, US$15 for Print-on-Demand eBook Adobe Acrobat version

The Answer WAS a Circle

by Tony Henderson

...the sequel to "The Answer Is A Circle". Being, poems - if they be - and writings following the end of the '60s and early '70s, to the later '80s.
Internet version 116 pages, under the Omega Press title
ISBN: 962-7919-04-7, no-charge for download of Acrobat file of text but mail and handling charge of US$10 for Print-on-Demand eBook on CD

Walking Hong Kong to the Water

by Tony Henderson

a Hong Kong humanist's story on the development of the Humanist Movement in Asia - as far as this chap was concerned.
Internet version available without charge, 127 pages
ISBN: 962-7919-05-2, US$5 for Print-on-Demand eBook Adobe Acrobat version, on CD

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